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This page will provide the most recent emails from the ATSC Executive Director or Director of Coaching sent to coaches and/or managers about various club activities and business.  It's a place to check when you can't find that email you remember receiving.

KidSafe Forms and Code of Conduct Forms
July 1, 2004

Dear Coaches and Managers:
For those of you who attended last night’s New Managers meeting, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to do so.  I hope it was useful.  Thank you to my “presentors”, Chug Roberts, Steve Etkin, Diana Greenhalgh and Steve Lent, for your time and preparation.  Your remarks were thoughtful and helpful.  To our board members—Lee Dudka and Hilary Philips (current and retired) thank you for coming to observe and offer comments.
One form I forgot to mention until the end was the KidSafe form.  All coaches, managers (including

Online Registration to Begin June 28, 2004
June 22, 2004

Dear Treasurers and Managers:
Because many of you treasurers may not be affiliated with the same teams, I’m copying all managers on this email as well.  New managers (especially U9 girls), please make sure your treasurers receive this information.  Below are the guidelines which appear on the login page for the online registration program.
Fall, 2004 Registration will begin June 28, 2004

Coaches - Online Registration to begin June 28, 2004
June 22, 2004

Dear Coaches:
Beginning June 28, we’re asking all managers, coaches and board members to register online.  There will be a separate registration program for what is called “volunteers”, those coaches and Club volunteers who do not have children playing for ATSC.  You will access this registration system via the ATSC website at, beginning Monday.  We will have some explanatory text for the “volunteer” registration system, but basically, when you login, you will see two options:  first, it will say, this is my first time as a coach/volunteer to use this system; and option two says, I have used this system before and am coaching again.

Club-Wide Online Registration Beginning June 28, 2004
June 15, 2004

Dear Coaches and Managers:
Since some of you are changing “jobs” I’d like this information to get to your teams as soon as possible.  We are in the process of shifting our online registration from tryouts to Club registration.  What that means is that each ATSC soccer family will register their players online, beginning June 28, 2004. 
The ATSC and ASA dues will also be paid online. The fall online payment will be $58 ($46 for ATSC dues and $12 for ASA dues); the remaining fees will be paid to and through team treasurers as before.  I will be sending specific instructions to your team's treasurer.  The online registration sytem is secure and accepts credit card payments. 
As part of the registration process, you will also be able to make an optional donation to ATSC.  Please click here for more information about ATSC's Klurfeld Travel Scholarship Fund, which is used to help our scholarship players.

Arlington County CIP Hearing, May 25, 2004 at 7:00 pm
Want to see more fields? Attend this important hearing.

Dear Coaches and Managers:
Please see the letter below, sent back in the spring by Doug Homer, U16 Scorpions coach and US Soccer Foundation employee.  I have not heard from anyone about attending the May 25, 2004 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) public hearing, which begins at 7:00 pm in the County Board room, 2100 Clarendon Blvd., Arlington, VA, room 307.  (703-228-3130, 703-228-4611 (TTY), Email or use the web form here:
Last night, the County's Fiscal Affairs Advisory Commission voted 6-3 to recommend to the County Board that only $5 million of the proposed $50 million be approved for North Tract.  This would be available for the design phase only of the facility. They and other organizations will communicate their concern about the high cost of North Tract and the need to proceed more slowly.  For those soccer and aquatics people who have been involved in the development of North Tract, the two-year planning and public input process has yielded a proposal that people want to see built now. 
If the Arlington County Board does not hear from soccer people, who should support the construction not only of the North Tract fields, but also the proposed Washington-Lee and Greenbrier fields (all you high school supporters), County Board members will get the impression that these fields are not important to us.
It is important that the travel soccer community come out and support the proposed CIP.  Let the board know that their vision for Arlington is worth the investment.

ATSC Serving as Ambassador to First Horizon Bank Grand Opening, May 8, 2004
April 22, 2004

Dear Coaches and Managers:
To celebrate Arlington Neighborhood Day, First Horizon Bank will host the grand opening of their new Arlington branch, located at the intersection of Lee Highway and Glebe Road on Saturday, May 8 from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm.  ATSC Coach Gretchen Hamm (U10 Intensity Blue) chose ATSC to serve as a community ambassador for this occasion. 

ATSC Night at May 15 DC United Game
April 21, 2004

Dear Coaches and Managers:
As part of our increased commitment to DC United this year, we have agreed to purchase 50 tickets to the May 15 DC United game when they host the Kansas City Wizards at 7:30 pm.  This is also ATSC night at RFK.  The first team to order 40 tickets or more will get to have their team members on the field as part of the Team tunnel and greet the players.
Tickets for the Premium level will be $17.00.  Please distribute this email to your families and find out how many people plan to participate.  Please designate someone from your team to collect money from interested players and families.  Ask them to make their checks payable to DC United, and when you've assembled your purchase request, send everything to me. 
Another option available from Ryland Dennis is an on line order, which he will send me shortly.  Because we won't get the tickets until DC United  receives the money, please collect money by May 1, so I have plenty of time to secure a good block of seats.
Let's plan to watch Freddy and his team mates as a Club, so join in on this opportunity to show your support for DC United.

Spring 2004 Newsletter
April 8, 2004

Attached is the first ATSC newsletter for 2004 (pdf, 8 pages).  Thanks to the U13 Edge and U13 Titans for securing advertising sponsorship for this issue.  Please support our businesses which have provided ads; in most cases they are owned by ATSC parents.  Please forward this newsletter to your parents and make paper copies for those who may not have access to the electronic version.  It will also be posted on the website for all to see. 

My thanks to Ned Leonard, our newsletter editor, and to all those who supplied articles.  Our next issue will be out after the spring season, so start thinking of businesses you might want to solicit for ads.

(The newsletter ad form (.doc, 2 pages) can also be downloaded.)


North Tract, ATSC Directory, Pictures for Website, March Newsletter, Goalie Coach Tryouts, Referee Clinic
February 20, 2003

Dear Coaches and Managers:

I have several announcements so please read through the entire email.

North Tract Task Force Presentation at County Board Meeting:  On Saturday, February 21, County staff will


North Tract Presentation to County Board and Recommended Change to Consent and Medical Authorization Form
February 16, 2004

Dear Coaches and Managers:

The North Tract Presentation to the County Board is on the agenda for this Saturday, February 21.  We expect the discussion to take place mid-morning, including a public hearing where interested citizens can offer their


Female Athlete Sports Training (F.A.S.T.) Program
January 21, 2004

Ms. Angela Caparso, a physical therapist and certified athletic trainer with Patriot Sportsmedicine, sent me a brochure advertising a training program operating out of Burke.  F.A.S.T. is an eight week acceleration program consisting of two 1-hour sessions per week.  It is designed to enhance the female athlete’s performance and decrease the incidence of ACL injuries.  During the sessions, the athlete will progress through three phases of plyometric training, strength training and flexibility training.  The 8 week program runs $250.00.  They have just developed the program and are eager to circulate information about it.  If you’d like more information, you can contact Angela at or 703-978-3300.

Request for Information from Your Volunteer Webmaster
December 10, 2003

Dear Coaches and Managers:

When you look at the ATSC website, you'll see many wonderful additions,
thanks to our volunteer webmaster, Chug Roberts.  He's transforming our site
into an even more useful, informative and fun-to-look at communication tool,
but now we need your help.  See below for the various requests for
information.  The more thorough you can be, the better resource our website
will become.

Great News!! For all you managers who, like me, have hesitated in learning
how to update your team websites, Chug has provided a great new resource.
He's created a short manual on how to use the ATSC website (see link below).


Revised Indoor Soccer Space Availability
October 30, 2003

Since many of you who requested Tuesday/Thursday indoor space did so without full knowledge of what Sports would make available, I now have the specific information.  Gunston Bubble at $42.00 per hour.  Available Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5-9 pm; Tuesday and Thursday from 4-6 pm (this can't be moved--Babe Ruth baseball is using the space later); Saturday from 9-12 and 2-8 pm; Sunday from 2-8 pm.
Reed School gym at $13.20 per hour.  M-F in November, December 8-9 pm only.  Beginning in January, same time M-Th and Friday 6-9 pm. 
For those of you who requested Monday/Wednesday times, I'll be using your original requests.  Those of you who requested Tues/Thurs can either decide if you can practice early, choose a weekend time, or choose a MWF time. 

Fall Newsletter Available on Web and Gunston Lights Installed
October 28, 2003

Attached is the latest edition of Inside the 18.  My thanks to Ned Leonard, and the various authors of the articles.  It will be posted to our website, but also please distribute this to your parents, and make hard copies available to those who can't print it out.  We'll have another year-end edition out in December, if any of you have articles you'd like to contribute. 
The Gunston lights are being installed today.  Those teams who've been practicing on Kenmore will not have adult games on that field effective tomorrow.  For teams who couldn't practice last night, or need a second lighted practice this week, please let me know and I'll see if we have room on Kenmore.

ATSC Goalkeeper Training, Club Council Meeting, Fall Directory Available
August 19, 2003

As we approach the beginning of the fall season, let me wish everyone good luck and here's hoping for good weather.  Several announcements:

Dulles Sportsplex Newsletter
August 19, 2003

Dulles SportsPlex Newsletter

Hello, and welcome to the Dulles SportsPlex! The brand new, all-indoor, climate controlled sports facility in northern Virginia.  Check out our website .  The site is currently under construction, but much information is available.

We are looking to advertise in fall tournament schedule booklets.  If you or someone you know is involved in putting these items together for your club, please have them contact us or send us their information.

We are on schedule for a December 1st opening.  The groundbreaking ceremony was a sunny success.  Thanks again to all those who participated in any way.

Contact Boards to Site More Synthetic Turf Fields, Fundraising Ideas Wanted, RosterPro Experts
May 29, 2003

We're asking our ATSC members to communicate with the County and School Boards to expedite the siting of more synthetic turf fields.  We're also surveying all your past successes in fundraising, to compile them in our Managers Manual.  Finally, we want to know who's a RosterPro expert, to help answer questions from the rest of us.

Soccer Kicks Offers 15% Discount to ATSC Players
March 1, 2003

Soccer Kicks, Arlington's Premier Soccer Specialty Store, is again offering a 15% discount to all Arlington Travel Soccer Club players and coaches for any items purchased at the store through the spring season.

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