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Important Dates for Managers
January (early) ATSC indoor practices begin
January (early) x Collect ASA, ATSC & League Fees
January (early) WAGS/NCSL Division Structure Requests Due
January (early) Collect WAGS, NCSL, ODSL, ATSC, ASA fees
January (mid) x Team registration due to league (online)
January (mid) Second session of indoor play begins
January (mid) USSF Referee Certification & Recert. classes in Arlington
January (mid) x Payment for league/club fees due to WAGS/NCSL Club Reps
January (mid-late) Uniform orders due to ATSC Uniform Chair for pre-season delivery
January (mid-late) Application deadlines for pre-season spring tournaments
January (late) VYSA Annual Workshop
February (early) x Payment for team entry fees due to ODSL
February (early) x Payment for ATSC/ASA fees due to ODSL Club Rep
February (early) x ATSC spring practice requests due to Exec Director
February (early) WAGS/NCSL Scheduling Requests due (opt out dates)
February (late) Registration/Rosters to Club Rep (if changes)
March (early) x Outdoor practices begin
March (mid) x ATSC Club Council Meeting
March (mid) Spring State Cup registration deadline (U12-U14 + U19)
March (mid-late) Preseason tournaments held
March (late) ATSC scholarship reimbursement requests due
March (late) League schedules available online
March (late) x Mandatory ODSL meeting (ODSL teams only)
April (early) Usual start of league seasons (sometimes late March)
April (early-mid) Registration deadlines for Memorial Day tournaments
April (mid-late) x State Cup play begins (on Saturdays)
May (early) Application deadlines for post-season tournaments
May (mid) ATSC U9-U12 tryouts begin
May (mid) Contact ATSC ED w/ requests for tryout field space (U13+)
May (late) Memorial Day weekend tournaments (no league play)
May (late) ATSC summer practice requests due
May (late) State Cup play begins (U19)
June (early) End of league season
June (early-mid) ATSC U9-U12 tryouts end
June (early-mid) x Collect WAGS, NCSL, ATSC, VYSA fees
June (mid) x WAGS/NCSL team entries due
June (late) x Submit payment for league/club fees to WAGS & NCSL Club Reps
June (late) Division structure requests due to WAGS, NCSL
June (late) Uniform orders due to ATSC Uniform Chair for pre-season delivery
June (late) x ODSL team entries due (online)
July (early) ATSC Summer Soccer (pickup play) begins
July (early) x Submit payment for league/club fees to ODSL Club Rep
July (early) x ATSC fall practice requests due
July (early) USYS Region 1 Tournament (for State Cup winners)
July (early-mid) Application deadlines for preseason tournaments
July (mid) Application deadline for WAGS tournament
August (early) x Fall practices begin
August (early) x Team Registration/Rosters due to Club Reps
August (early) USYS National Championships (in MD in 2003)
August (early-mid) Application deadlines for Columbus Day tournaments
August (mid-late) Fall State Cup registration deadline (U15-U18)
August (late) x Mandatory ODSL meeting (ODSL teams only)
August (late) Pre-season tournaments held, including Labor Day weekend
September (early) Submit application to facilities for winter indoor play
September (early) ATSC scholarship reimbursement requests due
Septmber (late) State Cup play begins
October (early) Columbus Day tournaments (no league play)
November (early) End of league season
November (mid) First session of indoor play begins
November (mid) ATSC winter/indoor practice requests due
December Ignore soccer
ATSC Board of Directors Meets third Tuesday of each month, 7:30 or 8:00 p.m.
Uniform Orders Orders placed by the end of one month will be shipped the last day
of the next month

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