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Club Council Meeting AGENDA August 24, 2004



Club Council Meeting

Tuesday, August 24, 2004 7:15 p.m.

Lubber Run Community Center
300 N. Park Dr., Arlington, VA



7:15     Call to Order (Phil Keating)


7:20     President’s Report (Phil Keating)-Introduction of New Board Members; Status of Fall Practice Fields


7:35     Treasurer’s Report (Ron Greenhalgh)/Donations via online registration


7:45     Boys/Girls Commissioners Reports (Lee Dudka, Jim Fort)


8:00     WAGS/NCSL/ODSL Reports (Tom Torres/Steve Lent/Dawn Dekker)


8:10     Director of Coaching Report (Grant Smith)


8:25     Election of Board Members (Girls Coach Representative)(Phil Keating)


8:30     Online registration update/Electronic Phone Tree Option (Nancy Etkin/Andy Megas)


8:40     Scholarship Applications for Spring, 2004 (Nancy Etkin)


8:45     Old Business:  ATSC night at DC United, September 18; Coaches’ Game, Sept 11(Polo shirt sales); Codes of Conduct


9:00     New Business:  Board discussion of parent coaches; discussion of ATSC goals


9:30     Adjournment

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