Field Setup and Takedown Guidelines
Individual teams are NOT responsible for field setup and takedown on Sundays;  Arlington Sports provides this service.  Do NOT take nets to the field.  DO NOT TAKE NETS DOWN AFTER THE LAST GAME -- please leave the nets up at the field after your team's game on Sunday.  Teams should ignore the setup and takedown symbols on their league website schedule for Sunday games.
Saturdays and Weeknights
Arlington Sports DOES NOT set up or take down nets for Saturday and weeknight games. The first and last teams scheduled on a field MAY be responsible for setup and takedown.  Setup and takedown requirements vary with different fields, as shown below:
  First Team Puts Up Nets/Flags   Nets Remain Up   Nets/Flags Remain Up
  Last Team Takes Down   Teams Set Up Flags Only   No Action Required By Teams
   Larry Graves   Bluemont Junction
  East Falls Church    Tuckahoe   TJ Upper
 H.B. Woodlawn    Gunston (see special  Chesterfield
  Kenmore Back      instructions below)  
  Madison Manor       
  Virginia Highlands    
  Williamsburg 1, 2, 3    
Field preparation responsibilities are indicated on a team's league schedule.  A green triangle designates the first game, with setup responsibilities.  A purple circle designates the last game, with takedown responsibilities.  Please ignore these symbols for Sunday games; in Arlington they apply only to Saturdays and weeknights.
Equipment Storage
ATSC equipment is stored at Nancy Etkin's, 2230 N. Powhatan Street, near Overlee Pool, off Lee Highway. Go BEHIND the house, turning right on 22nd Rd to cul de sac.  Wooden shed is next to back gate, with door on side. Get four flags (separated by those for Gunston and those for all other fields) and a bag of nets appropriate for your field (see notes below). Sign out equipment on clipboard, indicating color of net bag.
Net Installation and Take Down
Setup: Velcro straps, stakes, and a hammer are in the bag. Bring a stool or stepladder. Attach nets to goal frame with velcro or, when available, with small white clips that go in a channel in the goal frame. After putting up the nets, leave the net bag clipped to the back corner of one of the nets. 
Takedown: Bring a stool or stepladder. After taking down nets, fold and roll tightly and put both nets into bag (they will fit). Put Velcro, stakes, and hammer in bag pockets. If nets attached with small white clips, leave these clips in the goal frame, not on the net. Return nets and flags to Marta's shed and sign them back in.
Net / Goal Frame Sizes
U9/U10 Fields:  ATSC has two sets of nets (net color is white), in bags marked "small goals"
U11+ Fields:  ATSC has four sets of nets (1 set is orange, 3 sets are red), in bags marked "large goals." Red nets are larger and must be used at Chesterfield, Quincy, Gunston, and Kenmore Back. These fit over/outside the goal frame. Orange nets are a bit smaller and work at Williamsburg, Tuckahoe, Kenmore Side, Swanson, and HB Woodlawn. If necessary, orange nets can be used on the large goal frames by stringing the net inside the frame and velcroing it to the back of the frame. 
Gunston nets, flags (without sharp tips) and foam cones for the flags are stored in an equipment box at Gunston. The box is chained to the fence by the grass field at the street side of the field. Contact the ATSC Executive Director to get the lock combination.  Do NOT use metal-tipped flags at Gunston; put the flags into the foam cones.  Do NOT use stakes on the nets at Gunston; use Velcro to secure the back of the net to the frame.

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