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ATSC Announces Coaching Staff Fall 2009-Spring 2010
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ATSC is excited to announce their coaching staff for the Fall 2009 and Spring 2010 seasons.

Boys Teams

Team Coach Coach Name
U9 Name TK U9B Age group coach T.J. White
U9 Name TK U9B Assistant Coach Mike Woods
U9 Name TK U9B Assistant Coach Chris Smith
U10 Eagles Red U10B Age group coach Mo Tayari
U10 Eagles White U10B Assistant Coach Alexis Koppius
U10 Eagles Blue U10B Assistant Coach Chris Holden
U11 Attack Red U11B Age Group Coach Frank DeMarco
U11 Attack White U11B Assistant Coach Mike Woods
U11 Attack Blue U11B Assistant Coach Bryant Meckley
U12 Impact Red U12B Age group coach Grant Smith
U12 Impact White U12B Assistant Coach Frank DeMarco
U12 Impact Blue U12B Assistant Coach Mo Tayari
U13 Strikers Blue Team coach Chris Smith
U13 Strkers White Team coach Jim Felix
U13 Strikers Red Team coach Ariel Fernandez
U14A Supremo Firestorm Team Coach Grant Smith
U14 Supremo Inferno Team Coach Jawed Sanie
U14 Supremo Blaze Team Coach Dave Madlin
U15 AFC Blue Team Coach Luis Gendive
U15 AFC White Team Coach George Shirley
U16 Generals Team Coach Keith Moser
U16 Earthquakes Team Coach Keith Moser
U17 Venom Team Coach Jawed Sanie
U17 Premier Team Coach Tom Torres
U17 FC Arlington Team Coach Luis Gendive
U17 Arsenal Team Coach Mo Tayari
U19 Legend Team Coach Matt Barlow
U19 Fusion Team Coach Clark Miller
Girls Teams

Team Coach Coach Name
U9 Name TK U9G Age group coach Jim Felix
U9 Name TK U9G Assistant Coach Alexis Koppius
U9 Name TK U9G Assistant Coach Melyna Valdez
U10 Chaos Red U10G Age group coach Erik Footland
U10 Chaos White U10G Assistant Coach Dan O’Neil
U10 Chaos Blue U10G Assistant Coach Erin Footland
U11 Forza Azurra U11G Age group coach Gayle Wilson
U11 Forza Rossa U11G Assistant Coach Natalie Gurson
U11 Forza Blanca U11G Assistant Coach Elise Fascik
U12A Rowdies Blue U12G Age group coach Ann Cernicek
U12A Rowdies Red U12G Assistant Coach Julie Scarangella
U12A Rowdies White U12G Assistant Coach Kelly Bigwood
U13 Ajax Team coach Jerry Ellison
U13 Juventus Team coach Lexie Wilson
U13 Dynamo Team coach Badara Dia
U14 Flame Team Coach Dave Madlin
U14 Blast Team Coach Wes Windsor
U15 Explosion White Team Coach Tunji Akiwowo
U15 Explosion Blue Team Coach Tunji Akiwowo
U16 Intensity Red Team Coach John McAuley
U16 Intensity Blue Team Coach Badara Dia
U17 Blitz Team Coach Curtis Wilson
U17 Fury Team Coach John McAuley
U19 Pride Team Coach Tom Torres
U19 Impact 91 Team Coach Walid Amer
Coaching with Arlington Travel Soccer Club
    First annual ATSC Coaches Game, September 2002
Caption: ATSC Coaches Game   

Arlington Travel Soccer Club is on the lookout forinterested coaches and assistants. Qualified coaches are encouraged to contact Grant Smith, ATSC Director of Coaching, 703-868-8867, for more information concerning possible coaching opportunities for the upcoming season(s).

Candidates should possess a USSF or NSCAA license, or be prepared to obtain one within their first year of coaching. They also should meet the following criteria:

  • Possess a passion for, and an in-depth knowledge of, the game and have the ability to share that with youth players
  • Enthusiastically enjoy working with and motivating youth players
  • Have the ability to help all ATSC players reach their full playing potential
  • Be able to communicate effectively with players, parents, and (for U16+ teams) college coaches
  • Be willing to travel locally and nationally with ATSC teams
  • Be open to learning more about the game through attendance at club coaching clinics and seminars and professional coaching courses both locally and nationally (ATSC will help to finance these costs)

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